Being in the Paste office this week was more refreshing than last week. This week, I found myself being more focused on getting news leads and pushing as much content as possible to satisfy the Paste audience. I do admit to being a little distracted by my impending birthday as my mind wondered occasionally to my birthday weekend. I spent much of my time trying to appeal to the Paste demographic while trying to incorporate pieces of Black culture on the site. I think this strategy worked this week as I landed on the top viewed stories more than once for the week. I look forward to bringing more balance to my content in the upcoming weeks.

The more I write for Paste the more I feel the need to inject some excellence outside of mainstream culture into the content I write and cover. At the same time, I want to cover stories that appeal to everyone. I’m finding this balance to be a tricky one as I feel the need to bring more representation into what I am reporting and writing about. Reading Paste contributor Shannon Houston’s 6 Things Black People Need to Stop Saying to White People in 2018 has motivated me to appeal to everyone while tackling important news and issues from other races and ethnicities. As with my personal content, I feel the need to give the world a taste of what Black culture looks and feels like (along with Hispanic, Latin, Asian, etc.). Hopefully, I’ll be able to carry this out with some potential pitches for future articles.