Going into my fifth week as an intern, my days this week was a little short but productive. Despite what’s going on outside the walls of Paste, I found sanctuary in being able to sit at my desk and report on the latest news. This week’s posts were filled with more personality than the past few weeks. Getting pushed by Scott each week has helped me to create the same effect in my work at Paste as I do in my personal work. Working with the other interns in close proximity helped me to keep up a nice pace and create some friendly competition (in my head). Of course, there’s still a lot for me to learn as May quietly approaches. This week’s momentum will hopefully filter over into next week especially after being placed in Paste’s weekly newsletter.

Writing this week at Paste was more about corporating my views without overwhelming the article. During my experience at GameSkinny, I was able to incorporate my opinions without thinking about what others had to say. Now in this new capacity, the difference between the two entities be felt as Paste has a broader audience than GameSkinny. Even though I wasn’t asked to quell my thoughts, I subconsciously stopped myself from incorporating myself into my work. This was probably why I felt like my work was a little lackluster.  Now, I feel more comfortable stating my own spin on the situation while keeping the magazine’s audience in mind.  I’m working towards more than thought-provoking, fact-based stories (within my parameters as an intern of course). Writing this week’s articles have pushed me to pitch a story or two I want to do. By May, I want to be a more well-rounded writer which is approaching faster than I like to admit. In this moment, all I think of is speak it and it will come true.