This week was quite a challenge for me as a writer. Tiredness and exhaustion weighed me down and overwhelmed my mindset. As hard as I tried to motivate myself, my body and mind were not into doing the usual news reports. I felt like my work took a downturn from the frequency of last week. I still did my work, but I kept making rookie mistakes I should be pasted by now. But I did manage to write some content that spoke to my heart. It was nice to push more melanin-originated content on the Paste audience. While news writing was a struggle this week, intern bonding was on point as usual. My fellow interns and I traded our usual stories, but I somewhat withdrew into myself as my exhaustion took over my body. Even the week was a little hard, it ended on a high note with my first feature article being published on the site.

This week, I had to overcome a treacherous foe of any writer – lack of motivation. My “laziness” impacted me in a variety of ways – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I had to push my self throughout the week to write – whether it be assignments, the internship or my personal projects. I did manage to push through my mental exhaustion, but my mind felt like a dial-up modem waiting for the information to filter from my brain to my fingertips. I feel like my personal struggled are starting to affect my professional fortitude, and I will not let this continue. I vow that this coming week I will shake whatever has come over me. I have to for the sake of my writing and sanity. I need to get my personal house in order starting today.