Writing for Paste is week was an improvement over last week. Tiredness and exhaustion gave way to determination and fortitude as I picked up up the pace on my article output. This week’s material was the right motivation for me to turn out content out at a ferocious pace. Pushing more melanin-originated content along with some quirky topics made my job a little more interesting this week while keeping the Paste audience in mind. With so much outside turmoil going on, I found solace in being able to shut out my problems and write with a purpose even if it is more entertainment-originated. My feature article from last week gave me the right energy to be more in-tune with my writing. Besides getting my writing mojo back, the comradery with my fellow interns was back on point (connecting with others is still an issue I’m working on). On top of my writing being re-energized, my feature article is still getting me noticed a week after it was published. Yay!

This week, my work became a source of tension for me as the subjects I was covering were a little boring to me. After my feature article got published last week, I felt a sense of purpose as a writer that I had ever felt before. I guess I got a little tired of covering the same areas day in and day out. Don’t get me wrong, I love covering anything entertainment – music, film, television or video games – any and every day, but I felt myself wanting to be more political with my news coverage. I knew it was a little outside of my comfort zone, but I’m an Aquarian who gets bored easily. I needed a good shakeup. Seeing so many breaking news events coming up on my phone notifications made me want to stretch my wings as a writer. I have done a bit here and there with politics and news events, but usually within the entertainment sphere. We live in a world where something happens every day, and I plan to be more active in covering it. I have to for the sake of my writing and sanity. Being woke isn’t just something for the Gram or Twitter. It’s a state of mind, and I want to state my claim in the game when it comes to people of color.