This week at Paste was a mixed bag of thoughts and emotions. While the news I covered this week was more fulfilling, I felt like my software was trying to be a sideline player hater. I felt like my turnaround was a little slowed down by my aging laptop and memory-sucking software. On top of that, I had to play the waiting game when it came to getting approval for my articles. I do admit that my time at GameSkinny made me a little impatient when it comes to editorial work. I complained to myself or others on occasion about the rapid-fire pace. But on the plus side,  my personal strife subsided enough that I could focus on my work at Paste without being rushed. I could write without interference or have to worry about my time management. Of course, there were the usual rookie writer snafus I had to conquer (which got on my nerves for the umpteenth time). I’m a human being, not a robot (despite popular belief). While my writing was a little hit-or-miss, the intern bond was still in full effect as we bonded over my Wikipedia brain’s ability to remember pop culture facts. This week ended on a real high note as English singer-songwriter Kate Nash retweet my write up about her new single and video “Life in Pink.”

This week, I continued to suffer from a bad case of boredom. But for an Aquarian like myself, boredom can lead to my two least attractive qualities – a bad temperament and impatience. Primadonna Adreon tends to rear his ugly head, and completely show out. Of course, being the emotionless person I am, PA never came out to play, but he kept creeping up every once in a while to make me an unsatisfied mess. I wanted to write so much, but the material I found was a little lackluster even what I enjoyed covering. I still needed a good shakeup I’ve been whining about. I feel my professional fortitude is still strong but is starting to wane. I hope I can make it to May without letting PA out to play for the sake of my professional career.