Writing for this week at Paste was an interesting one. Being out for spring break, my intern workload felt different as Scott took the week off while managing news editor Jim oversaw my work. Being under the direction of someone else was a little different in that Jim was a little more hands off than Scott when it came to the idea of news and subject matter. I was quite refreshing yet unnerving at the same time. I got to expand my writing wings and do something a little more political this time. Of course, there were the usual rookie writer snafus I had to conquer (which got on my nerves for the umpteenth time). I’m a human being, not a robot (despite popular belief). Despite the spirit of relaxed comradery spring break offers, my fellow interns and I were a little mum when it came to talking. I guess it’s guys being guys. Just when I had reached the highest plateau with my retweet from Kate Nash, I had my articles reposted on Facebook by some of my supportive classmates.

My struggle this week had to do with change and taking constructive criticism. Dealing with the managing news editor was an experience I loved and hated at the same time. I relished in the idea of doing news without any judgment or hipster ideals interfering with my craft. On the other hand, having to report to a major figure within the organization added a sense of pressure and upheaval my Aquarian mindset was not prepared for. I don’t mind having my grammar corrected, but some of it was nitpicky which bothered me a bit. I liked the free reign over my subject matter, but I still need some structure in my work life. My A-type personality needs and craves structure when it comes to my professional and personal life. So I end this to say I will be so glad when my news editor returns even though I enjoyed the break.