This week, my time at Paste Magazine was a nice reprieve from last week’s epic misstep. Like most weeks, the news started off at a trickle before it started picking up. I found myself finding amazing stories to write at a feverish pace as I wanted to my second to last week as an intern count. Seating in my usual black desk chair typing away on my bronze-colored laptop was the best time I had writing in a while. By the end of the week, I found my stride as I turned a slow news day into a rewarding one through my politic piece for the website. My fellow interns and I have built a nice comradery as we went out for lunch. Hopefully, we can repeat that again as next Friday is our last day. The end of my internship hit me on Friday as my fellow interns and I had to fill out paperwork plus the evaluation I sent my news editor.

This week, I felt something I haven’t in a while when it comes to my writing – self-confidence. Every writer struggles with self-confidence especially when it comes to having others read your work. As someone who only wrote when prompted or needed to, my confidence as a writer has always been on the lower end of the gauge. But every once in a while, there is a moment where you felt like your voice and message are reaching the masses. This week, I felt my confidence grow within me as a few of my articles were quite popular with the Paste crowd.  After months with Paste, I finally got the hint that knowing your audience is a key to success for any writer (but writing a blog and working on a website are two different things). I felt like I finally found my niche as a writer when it comes music news reporting. Creating content about something you love is a major plus for an audiophile like myself. Hopefully, as my tenure with Paste comes to a close, I will ride this wave of self-confidence into the rest of my work.