This week was a sad one as my time with Paste Magazine came to a close. I found myself covering least news but writing better content as I wanted my last week as an intern to count. Seating in my usual black desk chair typing away on my bronze-colored laptop was both rewarding and heartbreaking as I knew my time with the magazine was about to meet its end. Writing the last article was a poignant moment as I didn’t want it to end. My fellow interns and I have ended on a good note by exchanging numbers and social media to keep in touch. The end of my internship hit me on Friday as I packed up my belongings for the last time and left the Paste office one last time. It was a little anti-climatic as the Shaky Knees Festival stole some of the thunder from my last day.

This week, I reflect on my time with Paste. When I first applied for the internship, self-doubt, lack of preparedness and my questionable writing ability made me think writing for a well-known publication was out of the question. But when I got the call in December to interview for the internship, I was more than surprised – I was flabbergasted that my work was good enough to meet with the news editor. After the meeting, I still felt unsure so in usual pessimistic fashion, I psych myself out of the position. Getting the call back for the internship was one of my best days as a graduate student. But little did I know that I was in for one hell of a ride. Between my regular job, school and personal issues, the internship became both a safe haven and a source of tension as I tried to plan out my time so nothing ever felt neglected. Some days I  successfully kept all the balls in the air, and other days not so much. I had my ups and downs dealing with the internship as I went through the growing pains of writing professionally. In the end, I learned a lot of lessons (both easy and hard) when it comes to being a better writer. Through all the tribulations and triumphs, I am very grateful for the opportunity to write for such an amazing publication. Hopefully, my Paste internship was just the beginning of my journey as a published writer.