After registering your screenplay, the next task is to submit your screenplay to different outlets.  In today’s blog, I’ll speak on how and where to submit your work.

Submissions are instrumental in getting your work acknowledged by the entertainment industry.  It’s important to let people outside of your family and friends see and read your screenplay.


Remember to register with the WGA East, WGA West or international here to register your script. Don’t forget about your logline and treatment because most of contests and competitions will want them before seeing your script.

For any screenwriter worth their weight, entering your screenplay into various contests and competitions is a must. It signifies your script is ready to be seen by individuals in the industry. Getting veterans to see your script is key to making gains into the industry.

Here are some fellowships, contests, and competitions for you to consider:

Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting

Big Break Screenwriting Contest

CAPE New Writers Fellowship

The CBS Writers Mentoring Program

Disney│ABC Writing Program

Film Independent Episodic Lab

Film Independent Project Involve

Film Independent Screen Writers Lab

FOX Writers Lab

Nickelodeon Writing Program

NBC Writers on the Verge

ScreenCraft’s Screenwriting Fellowship

Sundance Episodic Story Lab

Sundance Feature Film Program

Sundance YouTube New Voices Lab

Tribeca All Access

Universal Writers Program

Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop

With my own screenplays, I have submitted my work to various contests and competitions. It’s too early to tell what feedback I’ll get, but the fact that I submitted is a great start.

As I rewrite my spec script, I keep the idea of submitting to different outlets in the back of my mind. Now, my rewrite will be representative of my true vision as a creative. So submitting to contests and competitions will be more rewarding.


The goal of submitting your work is to help prepare you for the endgame – optioning your idea for film, television or the web. Like last week, keep your eyes on the prize.

Hopefully, reading this post will submission process less anxiety-filled. But this isn’t the end of the conversation, you can leave comments below and discuss this even more with your fellow screenwriters along with myself.

Come back next week for a surprise.