After all the revising and editing, something might be gnawing at your mind and spirit – does this screenplay work for my vision. This thought can pop into your head after reshaping and editing your screenplay. In today’s blog, I’ll on rewriting your spec script to match your true vision.


Rewriting can be a daunting task when you try to rework what you’ve spent months even years working on your passion project. This allows you to escape the creative box you’ve painted yourself into. It’s important to have your work for whatever occasion arises.

During the revising and editing process of my screenplay, I found that the format and structure I used in my screenplay wasn’t working for me or my vision. I was trying to make a half-hour dramedy to an hour-long drama. It lacked the intensity and hilarity I originally envisioned for my first project. I needed to reclaim my original premise and characters I planned all those years ago.

Now, as I begin to think about my concept, reshaping my script is going to affect every aspect of my overall package. When the time is right I will be prepared.n-screenplay-628x314


The goal of rewriting your work is to help prepare you for the endgame – optioning your idea for film, television or the web. Just remember to keep your eyes on the prize.

In reading this post, I hope you will feel better about the rewriting process. But this isn’t the end of the conversation, you can leave comments below and discuss this even more with your fellow screenwriters along with myself.

As I end my run with The Screenwriting Forum, it has been a pleasure writing this blog. The amount of information and advice I shared in this experience helped me to grow as much as it did my readers. I loved the community that has formed from this blog. And I hope to continue this positive and encouraging environment as I moved on to my new blog.

Come back within the next few days for my new venture.