As I stated in a previous blog, being a creative has been both rewarding and draining at the same time. I found myself walking the delicate tightrope of work-life balance many freelancers face every day. My “average Joe” and creative selves went back-and-forth like two small children for my time and attention.  This has made for an interesting test for my creative journey.


This week has been interesting as I found my creative outlets being sacrificed for extra money and long work hours. My usual writing time was co-opted so my rent and bills could be paid. While the idea of earning more money was great at the moment, I was disgusted with myself for having to put my screenwriting (and creativity period!) on hold for a paycheck. The ideas I contemplated and pondered over seemed to fade away the more customers I entertained at my job. I fought work fatigue and energy-drained laziness to feed my creativity by conjuring up some words on the computer screen. But it wasn’t the same as before as the words lacked my usual meaning and thoughtfulness. I wanted to write so bad, but my unfocused mind just couldn’t come together to create a coherent story (or even a sentence). I decided to let my mind rest from the writing life as I poured myself into other outlets (still lacking the same energy tho). Hopefully, this won’t be the beginning of a downturn in my creative output.

writersblock (1)

The creative hopping of last week gave way to a lull. I was barely able to finish the creative piece I started last week (shame on me). My social media and online presence continued to grow as my creative footprint gained even more attention.

As my summer morphs into fall (thank God), I look forward to unveiling my progress this quarter. I already have some ideas floating around my head for my creative future. I have to admit for the first time in a while I’m in a great space creatively!

Come back next week for more on my journey to creating my Master’s thesis.

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