After a decent first act has been created and read over, the revising and reworking process began to take shape. Writing the first act was the beginning of my thesis journey as I headed into the Fall quarter. With every word and action on the page, I must go back through my writing with a fine tooth comb.


For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about my first act and all the things I want to do with it. As I stated in my vlog last week, my screenplay has begun to take on a new direction as I switched from theatrical film to the pilot film for a potential series. After speaking with my professor this week, I decided to focus on more character development and direction. I wanted the strong female leads to be nuanced and well-rounded individuals with real personalities that any person (male or female) can see a little of themselves in one of them. In order to show them as fully realized humans, I decided to include more of their environment, clothing, activities, and songs to inform the audience. Researching the current television and reading other musical scripts has helped me in taking the next step in my thesis journey. I realized what worked and didn’t within the genre and what conversations were missing on the music business. Equaling the playing field for the leads has become my mission as the scenes are allowed to breathe. Hopefully, as more feedback comes in from others, I will be able to retool and revise the first act as I get ready for the second one.


Waiting on critiques from others has become a little nerve-wracking as I set mental benchmarks for my writing timetable. Independent study and teaching internship have begun to take shape as I inch closer to Master thesis. I made it through my first exercise as a teaching assistant (cue the steamers). I did some client work that I’m still on the fence about when it comes to payment. The visual work was scaled back this week while work and school took over my life. So far, my thesis journey is turning more into something tangible and realistic than working on a writing assignment.

Come back next week for more on my journey to creating my Master’s thesis.

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