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Working Hard for Me

As a writer, sometimes, juggling all the facets can be tiresome. The more I forge my path, the more life ebbs and flows. Being a freelancer and business owner can be daunting and rewarding. I feel my world is opening up while slightly swallowing me at the same time.

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Working as a copywriter and journalist has been satisfying and trying at various points. I love the work and using my craft to help someone else – it’s so rewarding. But in the same breath, I’ve found balancing multiple opportunities to be somewhat exhausting especially when it comes to my other responsibilities. I hope my other potential gig relieves the situation rather than adding to it.

Like I mentioned before, my other two clients have been a little MIA so we’ll see where those opportunities go given the COVID-19 situation.

I see screenwriting in my near future. I hope to block out the next month or so to dedicate myself to writing more. I hope to start shopping for an agent or manager within the next year or so. While I wait on feedback from my first two projects, I hope to start revising and rewriting my action-adventure screenplay by late October/early November. I hope to finally tackle my personal piece by year’s end.

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When it comes to my professor job, I’ve finally made peace with teaching online and the highs and lows that come with it. I’ve learned how to not only communicate better with my students but with other faculty as well. I still miss interacting and communicating with students, faculty and staff one-on-one. I hope in the future to walk around campus – outside and COVID-free.

But I don’t see the pandemic subsiding any time soon. I was hoping to teach on campus next semester but my assignment says otherwise. Let’s hope 2021 is a better year for everyone all around!

Watch this space for more on my writing journey.

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Grinding for My Art

Being a freelancer can be trying at times – the constant grind of hooping from job to job can be draining . But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love working for myself and all the freedoms (and challenges) that comes with it.

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As I stated in my last post, I’ve spent the past few weeks jumping into the copywriting field. It has its stressful moments, but I enjoy using my storytelling capabilities to improve a company’s online presence and outreach. I feel like I’m finally using my gift for good. Speaking of good, I’ll have another announcement later this week pertaining to the gig I mentioned last (check out my socials). I still hope to carry on my journalistic work a I still look for a position where I can speak on contemporary issues through a Black lens. Hopefully, the demon known as COVID-19 will lose its grip in the future so I can hear from my other clients.

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Within the next month or two, I plan to put on my screenwriter hat again. I’m still waiting on some feedback from one or two beta readers. I want to begin the rewriting process by the time Nanowrimo comes around. Before that happens, I hope to start rewriting my action-adventure screenplay while i wait on my beta readers.

On the school front, I made it through my first online test of the semester (YAY!). I’m finally coming to the realization that I’m facing a huge learning curve when it comes to teaching online. Being an introvert, teaching online seemed like the best option during a pandemic. But I’m slowly starting to realize I actually miss communicating with my students one-on-one. I feel as if sometimes things get lost in translation online compared to face-to-face interaction. The pandemic is really taking a toll on the education system (some good, some bad, and some disastrous). On the bright side, I received my assignment for next Spring semester. Let’s hope 2021 is a better year for everyone all around!

Watch this space for more on my writing journey.

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Consuming the Culture Part Deux

In the U.S., August has been designated as National Black Business Month. 2020 has been a mixed year for many small businesses as it began with an increase in new business before social unrest and COVID-19 set in.

Many businesses in the U.S. have had to shift their models, or even worse, shutter their doors. This revelation is even worse for Black-owned establishments and businesses as they are twice as likely to close permanently compared to their White counterparts.

So to offset the imbalance, I decided to highlight some well-known and up-and-coming Black-owned businesses.

Beauty and Fashion

The Folklore –

A sustainable New York-based online store and showroom catering to the African diaspora specializing in clothing, accessories and housewares. The store allows consumers to support well-known and up-and-coming Black brands from across the world.

UjuuMedia –

The fashion brand functions as part blog- part online marketplace for emerging Black designers. The brand uses its influence not only to market and highlight designers across the African diaspora but the overall culture.

Safashe –

A Virginia-based independent fashion brand specializing in high-fashion and dress design for a variety of clients. Its founder Sasha Williams is notable amongst the fashion world for creating Richmond Runway, which highlights up-and-coming Black designers.

Honey Pot –

An Atlanta-based health and wellness brand catering towards the African diaspora and feminine hygiene care. Creator and founder Bea Dixon created the company to help other Black women naturally deal with feminine issues.

Juvia’s Place –

A Los Angeles-based beauty and makeup company catering to women of different shades and tones. The brand has built its recognition for drawing upon the colors and formulas influenced by African culture.

Scotch Porter –

A men’s skincare brand catering to men of all ethnicities with all-natural skincare and grooming products. The emerging brand has become a go-to grooming brand for Black men.


One United Bank –

This Boston-based financial institution is one of the few Black-owned banks still operating in the United States. The bank has advocated for financial literacy amongst the African-American community.

Industrial Bank –

As one of the oldest banks in the United States, the Washington, D.C.-based financial institution caters to the African American community – banking and lending. The Congressional Black Caucus has backed the bank when it comes to promoting ethical lending practices to Blacks.

Awoye Capital –

This New York-based financial advising firm urging financial investment in the Black community. The firm has built its reputation for creating financial plans tailored to each client.


Michele Food Inc. –

An Illinois-based food company specializing in gourmet syrups. The product started as a family recipe passed down through founder Michele Hoskin’s family from her great-great-great-grandmother.

Slutty Vegan –

An Atlanta-based restaurant chain and food truck specializing in vegan fast-casual. The vegan food chain is best known for its take on the famous Impossible Burger.

This is It BBQ and Seafood –

An Atlanta-based all-you-can-eat restaurant chain specializing in barbeque and seafood. Along with barbeque and seafood, it offers veggie options for practicing vegans.

CamiCakes –

An Atlanta-based franchised bakery chain offering a variety of confectionary treats. The bakery is best known for its specialty-flavored gourmet cupcakes.

Atlanta Breakfast Club –

This Atlanta staple serves up brunch at a reasonable price. Besides the traditional breakfast offerings, it offers breakfast and lunch alternatives with a Southern twist.


Blavity –

A multimedia online company caters to showing and acknowledging Black Millennials. The company has its hands in everything from news media to tech to travel with an appeal to the African diaspora.

Atlanta Blackstar –

This Atlanta-based media company focuses on narrative aimed at Black America. Within the last year, the publication set its sights on entering the video sector.

UrbanOne –

Founded in 1979 as Radio One, the multimedia conglomerate has been the premier outlet for Black media in the U.S. The media giant has expanded into television, advertising, and the digital space within the last decade.

kweliTV –

A streaming platform dedicated to highlighting and uplifting content created by those of the African diaspora worldwide. The streamer is currently available through Amazon Fire, AppleTV, Chromecast, and many more.

D’Art Shtajio –

Founded in 2016 by brothers Arthell and Darnell Isom, the Tokyo-based animation studio focuses on bringing much-needed diversity into anime. The studio has been on fire lately due to its collaborations with music artists Sturgill Simpson and The Weeknd.


Eso Won Books –

Based in Los Angeles, this Black-owned bookstore deals with a book selection specializing in African American history. The store spotlights both independent and well-known Black authors.

For Keeps Books –

The online bookstore offers classic and rare Black literature for bibliophiles. The online store showcases work from Alice Walker, Margaret Mead, Toni Morrison and many more Black writing luminaries.


Shine –

Created by Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi, the tech app specializes in aiding BIPOC with dealing with anxiety and stress to connect with mental health experts. The app taps into the underserved and marginalized members of society.

Dollaride –

Created by Sulaiman “Su” Sanni, the mobile app aides underserved communities in finding affordable rides in the New York area. The app helps users to get around the city with their Dollar vans.

Hopefully, these examples of Black excellence show what the African diaspora can achieve when left it our own devices.

Watch this space as I return to document my writing journey.

Write and Grind

Becoming your own boss can be a double-edged sword for anyone wanting to enter the freelance world. Creating your brand and business can be both rewarding and draining all at the same. Growing into the boss I want to be is a growing experience.

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Mixing passion with business has become a way of life for me. Even though, I still need a 9-to-5, working on my own accord is becoming a huge part of my life. I can make my own schedule and working within my skill set. But there’s a quite bit of hard work, time and effort I put running my own brand and business. Working for CBR and a fashion brand is a way for me to build my portfolio while fueling my passion.

Journalism and content writing will hopefully help in paying the bills. Writing for someone else helps to me to be of service. It is always my mission to create something that pushes an entity or company forward. With CBR, I get to let my inter-nerd show through writing about all things related to comic books and media. I’ve felt that way since writing for Paste. My other gig has’t taken shape yet so I would be able to talk about until the brand’s relaunch in a few weeks.

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Writing is my outlet for expressing myself. The topics I speak on in all my work are things I are accustomed to speaking on. While I’m fulfilled in my work, I hope to find time for my own personal work. Finding that time is on me, but for now, I have to be in work mode for a bit.

While visual art is my first love, writing has become my calling. And wherever the Lord sees fit to use it is where I will go.

Come back next week for more on my life as a creative.

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The Art of Enterprise

Life can be a juggling act when it comes to being a multi-tasker. The more I comes into my own as a business owner the more life ebbs and flows. I feel my world has opened up, and now is my time to shine.

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As an entrepreneur, it’s a must for me to make myself available to whatever the Lord throws my way. But in the same vein, I’ve realized every opportunity may not be a good fit. That doesn’t apply to my current situation. As I stated in my previous blog, I have begun writing for the website Comic Book Resource. Recently, I’ve been entertaining an offer to write content for an upstart street wear company. I’ll give more details after the papers have been finalized. This opportunities have me feeling as if my path is finally starting to take shape. Since graduation, it’s been tough creatively and financially as I get back into the game of adulting. Hopefully, I can thrive as I balance all the facets of my life.

Lately, I’ve been slacking on my writing, but now, I’m back at it with this two gigs. Focusing on my screenwriting has become another step in getting back in my routine. I’m currently working on my pilot script for a potential kids’ animated superhero series. This idea has been floating around in my head for years. And now is the right time to begin. With a synopsis and beat sheet written, I feel I’m in a good space to write it. Of course, I can’t forgot about this blog. I plan on being my consistent and timely when it comes to my own content. This place is my way of keeping up with my followers as well as a release for me. I know writing as a profession can become tedious at times, but this place is my escape from all outside distractions.

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In the near future, I hope to give more updates on my script progress as well as my future plans for Nanowrimo.

Come back next week for more on my life as a creative.

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Writing for a Bright Future

Unbeknownst to me, writing has always been my calling. Working on my craft consistently has paid off as my writer life is starting to bear some fruit. Getting my first paid post-graduate gig has reaffirmed my purpose as a creative.

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All my hard work is starting to pay off as I recently became a part of the Comic Book Resources family. Right now, it’s just a trial period, but hopefully, this opportunity turns into something more. Writing daily news pieces is something I’m use to from my Paste intern days. I enjoy writing news pertaining to film, television and all things media. Hopefully, writing for CBR will yield some revenue soon as post-grad life has been not so kind so far.

Due to some recent circumstances, I haven’t really concentrated on my screenwriting. But now, I’m back on track as I continue to shape my idea for an animated superhero series. I finally wrote an premise for the show, but now, I need to create the outline for the pilot episode. In the coming weeks, I want to start working on the script and supplemental material. Keep you fingers crossed!

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I look forward to working on my craft to build the future I want.

Come back next week for more on my life as a creative.

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