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Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself

Hello followers,

I Know its been awhile since my last post, but I need some time to get my head right after a very demanding few months. Like any artist, I needed a moment to recharge my creative battery. Now, I’m ready to start blogging again.

Excuse me for a moment, for any new to my website, I am Adreon Patterson – writer, artist, and animator. I currently attend SCAD-Atlanta where I am working on my thesis in the MFA Writing program. My thesis will focus on creating a screenplay on the Black female experience in music. I worked as a freelance animator for many years creating content for various entities – big and small – before making the transition to writing.

As I previously stated, I am working on my Master’s thesis. I plan on showcasing the struggles and triumphs of creating a screenplay while juggling the realities of adulthood. I want this experience to highlight the need for more writers of color (WOCs) to create the content they want to see on the big and small screen. This is why I decided to call my latest blog…

Screenwriting While Black

I hope this blog will be just as entertaining and informative as my previous blogs. I can’t wait to share this space with you all.

BTW, if you’re a newbie, check out my previous blogs here and here. They might be of some interest to you.


Hello readers and followers, and welcome to The Screenwriting Forum. Through this platform, I will be sharing all facets of the screenwriting process in an informative and accessible manner. I feel any and everyone who studies screenwriting or a knack for it should have a clear understanding of what goes on after the spec script is done. Not everyone needs to or has to buy every single how-to-write-a-screenplay book under the sun especially in the internet age.

Through this blog, I will speak on a variety of topics related to the editing and revising a screenplay. To make it more relatable, I’ll be using my editing and rewriting process to guide and help other aspiring screenwriters along with novice to the practice.

While my process will be documented, you, the reader, will be encouraged to share your thoughts and opinions and ask questions on any and every post.

poitning finger_participation


This is a community, not just an advice blog.

I hope we can grow together on this screenwriting journey.

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