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Creative Promises for 2021

As 2020 winds down, I’ve decided to make some promises to myself so I can be a more creative me. Here are my personal promises:

Restart my Black superhero project (be on the lookout at the start of February 2021)

Work on more character and background designs for Valarie

Work on more character and background designs for Brothas

Restrart my Black Music Month Project (be on the lookout for June 2021)

Work on character and background designs for my untitled action-adventure project

But I’ve decided not to rush myself through any project. I know everything will happen in time.

What are some your creative promises for 2021? Comment below.

A Writer’s Prayer for 2021

As we inch towards New Year’s Day, we get to leave the mess that was 2020. Some of 2020 may filter over to 2021, but next year will not only my year but your year as well. As writers and creatives, we all need a little help to get through the next year. So, here’s a prayer for writers from The Steve Laube Agency:

As I sit before this keyboard, my desire is to honor you and give great glory to your name. May the words I type be acceptable to you.

As I sit and write today, I think about all the other things I should be doing and I wonder why you gave me this desire to write. Clear my mind and heart so what I write can be used by you.

Your creativity is endless, timeless, boundless and downright amazing. While I run out of ideas, you never do. You are God and I am not, but take my words as an offering of praise.

Hopefully, this helps you to make your 2021 a bright and fruitful one.

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