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Support These Creators of Color for Christmas!

With the holiday season in full swing, now’s the time to get into the giving spirit! So, here are some you need to get into before the year is over.

Angelica Marie – Filmmaker and Podcast Host

Elizabeth Evers – Young Adult Author

Jasmyne-Nicole Walker – Writer

Jaleesa Mitchell – Young Adult Author and Educator

Ananya Vahal – Writer and Educator

Carlos F. Perez – Comics Artist, Illustrator and Educator

David Heredia – Animator, Illustrator and Entrepreneur

Sasha Williams – Fashion Designer and Artist

KK Nixon – Artist and Illustrator

Lauren Small – Writer

Kelsi Jackson – Artist and Illustrator

Tani Andrews – Manga Artist and Writer

Cdeeq – Animator and Filmmaker

Allyssa Lewis – Animation Professional and Consultant and Creator of “My Animation Life”

Tehniyat Shaikh – Animator

Vinod Krishnan – Animator and Visual Development Artist

Ryan Adkins – Animator and Author

Abdiel Vallejo – Writer

Dominique S. Johnson – Novelist and Educator

Devin Ki’elle – Filmmaker and Entrepreneur

Nikki Igbo – Writer and Editor

Daniel Flores – Multidisciplinary Artist, Entrepreneur and Creator of “Art is King”

Celebrating Black Music Part 1

Welcome to The Creative Grind where all things visual exist! This blog will allow me to show my creative process for my art and visual designs.

Since it is Black Music Month, I decided to pay homage to the men and women who have affected the culture in some shape or form. This week’s post deals with the men of Hip Hop. I wanted to create something that would speak to the volume of the legacy each man holds within the genre. There were so many to choose from, but I narrowed it down to some of the best lyricist of all time.

Here are my source images:

Mt Rushmore

If you want to see the final result, check out my Instagram! Until next time, be your best creative self!

Inspiration in the Life of John Singleton

As a screenwriter and creator, I’ve studied the greats by emulating them while trying to put my own spin on narrative storytelling. There has never been a drought for finding inspiration in film and television. There have been a myriad of writers, producers, and filmmakers who’ve influenced me in some shape or form. But a pivotal figure in my life since childhood has been the recently deceased John Singleton. I’ve watched everything from Boyz in the Hood to Poetic Justice to Baby Boy (certified hood classics). So I felt compelled to attend a celebration of Singleton’s life at SCADShow.

Getting Inspired at the Greenville Museum of Art

Being creative has its demands, sometimes, you need some inspiration. See what happened on my birthday trip to South Carolina did for me.

Come back next week for more on my journey to creating my Master’s thesis.

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