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Being a writer, I always fill the need to try something new as a means to grow. Venturing into writing news and feature articles have been that for me. I love the idea of giving my take on the world while disseminating the information readers are searching to find. Here are some examples of my work:


Reminiscing Over Love with Eunji’s ‘The Space’

The Evolution of East-West Collaborations


Cross-play Is a Good Thing, But How Good?

Sonic Forces vs. Sonic Mania – Which Will Bring Sonic Back?

Valiant Force: How to Use the Phoenix Hatchling

How to Get Void Essence in Stardew Valley

5 Underrated Anime Series That Should Have a Video Game

Steam Summer Sale 2017 — The Best Games Under $5

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Before the Panther: 5 Great Films by Black Filmmakers

Looking at Black Panther with Pride and Honesty

Daily Dose: Yukon Blonde, “Love the Way You Are”

Natalia V. Veselnitskaya, Russian Lawyer Trump Jr. Met With, Admits to Being Russian Informant

Fleetwood Mac Announce First Tour With New Members, Address Lindsey Buckingham’s Departure

Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington Set to Star in and Produce Little Fires Everywhere TV Adaptation

New Hawaiian Legislation Could Limit the Use of Loot Boxes in Videogames

Steven Spielberg Argues That Netflix Films Are “Not Oscar Contenders”

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SCAD graduate gives invaluable advice on work ethic, maintaining focus and pursuing the dream

Was the SCAD Career Fair 2019 worth it?

The Gaming Fest Gameplay

Reading and Eating with Ivy Hall

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