Well, this week at Paste Magazine was short but fruitful. As the Canadian cold and MLK Day made its presence known in Metro Atlanta, news of the day still needed to be reported. I got to be in the office one day this and feel the spirit of being an actual writer for a major publication as I found news leads through my emails and Twitter. Most of my week I reported any and everything from my couch due to the weather and my busted car. I plan on pushing my work ethic and writing skills even more as the internship progresses.

This week my insecurities as a writer calmed down a bit. I can see an improvement in my news gathering skills as I found more leads on social media and accurate sources. I felt like my posts this week were not my best, but I put in my best effort to create great content. My technical illiteracy with the Paste system seems to be getting better. Having teachable moment from the staff is a big help. My writing is improving from week to week which is a great sign to me. Hopefully, it speaks to Paste and my future at the publication.