After a spring break filled with work and more work, the Paste office seemed to be an oasis away from the fast-paced graduate student life.  This week, I found material lit a fire within my writing soul (I’m looking at you, Steven Spielberg). The variety fulfilled me in a way I haven’t felt since my first month at Paste. With my financial woes pressing on my mind, I found solace in being able to shut out my problems and write with a sense of purpose and duty (even if it’s pop culture-related). Dealing with my news editor rather than the managing news editor made me realize how much Scott had groomed me to be a better writer since interning for Paste. The comradery amongst my fellow interns and I seemed off this week as everyone seems to be on opposite schedules with no time to fraternize. Hopefully, next week will be even better than this week.

This week, time management was my biggest enemy. I felt like my writing suffered due to the shortened time periods I had at Paste this week. Usually, I go with the flow, but between class, work, life and this internship I felt out of sorts like my mind and body were in two different time zones. Being absentminded, I always feel like my brain is betraying me. But being back the first week after spring break, I felt extra scatterbrained. My body was at Paste, but my mind was thinking of every assignment and task I needed to accomplish by Sunday. I struggled to try to work in moments of personal time as my calendar was full this week with no breaks (other than going to see the Show of Shows). Even Dad’s birthday seems to be an afterthought as I think of all things due around that time. At this moment, I would like to thank my Google Calendar for always keeping me on point. I have to get more organized this quarter with all the things I have coming up. With that in mind, I can’t let my writing – professional or personal – struggle due to my overly ambitious ways. I want the remaining weeks of this internship to be just as fulfilling as the first ones. I just need to take a breath and schedule everything out. I’ll be just fine (I hope).