This week, my time at Paste Magazine was a little slow yet fulfilling. With it being spring break in Atlanta and other areas, the news seemed to trickle in this week as people lived their lives. At the beginning of the work, I found myself alone as my fellow interns were absent. Of course, my anxiety was a little high as I felt the pressure to make for the others’ absence. I found myself still making the same rookie mistakes I thought I was over. By the end of the week, I found my stride as the content churned out of me like a leaky water faucet. On top of the content surge, I made a new attempt at having another feature for the website. Keep your eyes posted for the results.

Self-pressure and anxiety were the demons I had to conquer this week at the office. As a writer, I am still not as confident as I want to be, but it deeps more when writing for Paste. Since I was a kid, I suffered from serious self-doubt and low self-esteem when it came to any and everything. Even though it has gone better over time, my craft is still a major concern considering how I am still new to writing. I want to do my best so I place this unneeded pressure on myself to be perfect in every way. That need for perfection has created quite a bit of inner turmoil (typical artist). Perfection has led to a lot of second-guessing, but I am slowly conquering that. But every time my nagging self-doubt starts to get loud, I try to get out of my head and let my heart and words speak for my capabilities.