Since May, I’ve been working on my visual design work for personal projects.

To make these personal projects come to life, I’ve started a Patreon to fulfill my dreams.  While I crave out my lane, I have been revising and re-visiting some of my old designs. Looking at my first personal project, Brothas, allowed me to see my growth as an artist. The rudimentary look of the original designs has given way to more realistic humans (as the series is inspired by my childhood). That project is meant for children and their families as it portrays a Black family loving and living in today’s world. My other visual project, Losing Valarie, has seen more improvement in character design as I refine some of the original designs while creating new ones. With that project being an ensemble teen dramedy, I still have a ways to go before I feel it is complete. Much like Brothas, I centered the series about a Black character – this time a female. This project has gone through many evolutions since I first thought about her in my early 20s.

With those two projects on pause for a minute, I will start working on another still-untitled project. This one will be another series centered around two brothers and their crimefighting efforts. This is inspired by an idea from my undergraduate studies. Like the previous projects, I feel representation is key when it comes to animation especially given the social change currently going on worldwide.

While character design has been my main focus for a while, I plan on dealing with background designs for many of the projects. My work will be seen on my website (be on the lookout!)

Working on these projects allows me to tap into my creativity while creating something tangible when I get ready to present my ideas. While I prepare to get these shows off the ground, I’m still a few contests here and there as a way of getting my work seen.

With so much going on in the word, I see some bright spots as freelance offers to slowly trickling in. Social media has increased its importance in my work as I try recruiting more clients.

Everything will work out in 2020. What’s for you is for you, and what isn’t will fall to the wayside.

Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram! Until next time, be your best creative self!