After a busy few weeks, I’m back! Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! And all those good things. 2020 was a year of mixed blessings for me. But recent developments have left me optimistic in 2021.

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For me, 2020 was mentally, emotionally and spiritually taxing for me. I witnessed Black body after Black body become viral sensations as the American mainstream finally recognized (not accepted) how racist the US truly is. COVID-19 decided no one was going to have any fun in the first year of this new decade. I experienced an overwhelming depression that led me to channel my feelings into overeating. I also felt isolated from my family for months. Thank God for Christmas (don’t worry I took all safety guidelines and protocols). Of course, my car accident left me messed up for quite some time. While I still deal with the mental and emotional scars, I’m finally done with medical with still in legal limbo.

The brightest moment of 2021 has been the Orange Man leaving the White House. Congratulations to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris! Of course, he had to go out the way he came in (chaos and coded language). One thing led to an insurrection, and BOOM! He became the first president to be impeached TWICE!

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Despite all this turmoil, my creativity will be my main focus as I work my personal projects. Hopefully, I can start sharing more work in 2021.

Since taking my break, my freelance work has increased as more and more contract work continues to come in. While it can be overwhelming at times, I won’t want it any other way. I love being busy. I’m putting more focus on building my brand in 2021 as I make some necessary changes (be on the lookout for some changes on this site).

On the school front, I’m still waiting to hear about my assignments for the Fall 2021 semester. Hopefully, by Fall 2021, the American school system will know how to deal with the “new normal.”

Watch this space for more on my writing journey.